In Situ

“In situ” derives from a Latin phrase “in position.” With regard to art, in situ refers to works created specifically for a host site, or a work of art that takes into account the physical space in which it is meant to be viewed. In this way, the work compliments and interacts with its surroundings, namely the architecture within which it is framed.

The following images and the book itself are designed with the spirit of “In Situ” in mind. The photographs offer complex, yet nuanced, compositions that ask the viewer to spend time with each image individually in order to see how the various design elements within the scene come together as a whole, how the Exhibit Columbus installations interact with their surroundings. Beyond the single image though the book presents a broader interaction within the city of Columbus itself. It pays tribute to its rich legacy of architecture and design while remaining firmly grounded in the American Midwest.  

In Situ is a creative collaboration between Adam Reynolds and designer Rick Valicenti of Thirst to produce a whole new take on the inaugural Exhibit Columbus design installations that can stand on its own in the form of an intimate art book experience.

Released in 2018 in a Limited Edition, now out of print.

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